Medical Technology Solutions Of America

A Customized Solution For Your Practice

Medical Technology Solutions of America (MTSOA), since 1986, continues to improve productivity of our clients through accelerated revenue cycles and lower operational costs. We deliver leading-edge solutions for dictation, document management, interfacing, and electronic medical records, as well as physician time-management resolutions through our HYBRID approach to transcription and your EHR. We are dedicated to developing successful long-term business relationships through mutual trust and respect with a focus on the personal touch and no automated contacts.

MTSOA celebrates and maintains a standard of efficient, reliable, secure services to all members of your medical team including administrators and medical providers.


Create a comprehensive, individually-customized solution for medical practices to blend technology with medical transcription.


MTSOA embraces a philosophy of creating a customized solution that brings the technological capabilities and personal needs of healthcare facilities and transcription services together as one.

MTSOA had a concept from inception that a focus on the “personal touch” would build and maintain our client relationships. That idea was strongly encouraged and embraced by every team member, and remains a vital part of our success to this very day. But technology has come a long way since and MTSOA has welcomed the challenge of partnering with technology while maintaining our “personal touch.”

As MTSOA looks to the future, these are the principles that guide us:

  1. Focus on the client and the solution for them will become apparent. MTSOA is not in the business of making a sale for the sake of a sale. We believe that building relationships brings us referrals and new clients in order to succeed in the long run, so it remains our focus to ask questions and learn about your facility’s needs in order to offer you an overall solution that will benefit your practice. We realize that sometimes you may not be aware what your facility is lacking in terms of the efficient flow of your medical records, and we maintain that it is our duty and privilege to ask the right questions and evaluate your specific needs in order to offer a solution. We also believe that not everyone we come in contact with will need our specific services, so we will use our knowledge of vendors and technology in the medical transcription and EHR field to introduce you to the exact fit for your specific situation.
  2. We believe in “no automated contacts.” The number one complaint in customer service is not being able to reach a live person on the phone. Research has proven that increasing conversations between client and vendor only improves customer experience. We believe that the backbone of our company is our focus on building and maintaining relationships, and that cannot be achieved without having access to your account managers personally. Again, our “personal touch” will not be compromised.
  3. Transcription and EHR adoption/maintenance go hand-in-hand. First, the distinction between EHR and EMR – while both refer to an electronic version of medical records, EMR is limited to a specific institution or a group of institutions, while EHR relates to a common platform that would allow disparate institutions in the private and government sector to share medical charts electronically (while strictly maintaining the privacy of patient records). The whole idea behind the EHR philosophy is to allow the chart to be portable between hospitals allowing greater flexibility for patients and doctors. Now, given the volume of patients that healthcare professionals see in a day, it is hard to imagine these highly-trained individuals taking the time to make notes directly into the system. EMRs have unfortunately sold medical practices on the belief that adopting an EMR where the healthcare professional types directly into the system will eliminate the need for medical transcription altogether, and ultimately result in higher revenue for the practice. THE OPPOSITE HAS ACTUALLY BEEN PROVEN. Assuming that EHR adoption will soon be a mandate, MTSOA believes that a cohesion of medical transcription and electronic health record adoption/maintenance (our HYBRID approach) is the most time-management and cost-effective solution available.
  4. Quality patient records are essential to quality patient care. We contend that medical facilities should leave the clerical work in the medical facility to the clerically-trained professionals, and the medical findings, assessments, and plans to the medically-trained professionals. We know that the healthcare professional’s time is valuable and better spent with the patient instead of in front of a computer. Likewise, MTSOA prides itself on the research and education of advancing technology in all things “clerical” pertaining to the medical field, including knowledge of various EMRs, internet research sites, computer programs, etc. Simply put, the doctor is more equipped to relate medical information about a patient, whereas the transcriptionist or scribe is more equipped to take that information and enter it into the patient’s record in an accurate, uniform, and comprehensible way.

Even if it is not apparent what your practice is lacking or what it needs to run in that well-oiled, fine-tuned way that you are envisioning, it is our goal to meet that challenge head-on and present you with a customized solution centered around your practice’s unique situation. We are committed to putting our efforts into technology that will make the medical records process as easy and seamless as possible for you while never compromising our “personal touch.”