• Our primary focus is to improve the productivity of our clients through accelerated revenue cycles and lower operational costs.
  • The relationship between a practice and their medical documentation company is sacred and should be formally governed by HIPAA privacy policies.
  • Every client is unique and different and deserves a customized, well-thought-out solution that fits their specific needs.
  • Each client is equally important to us, and is treated as such, which is evident in our staff’s attitude, dependability, and efficiency.
  • Quality records are imperative to quality patient care.
  • Transcription and EHR adoption go hand-in-hand. To streamline efficiency, one should enhance and support the other.
  • The healthcare provider is the most crucial and skilled person in a medical facility/office; therefore, the practice is most well-served with the physician dedicating time to quality one-on-one patient care, not performing data entry.
  • The transition from the status quo solution for transcription to the blend between transcription and the EHR (HYBRID solution) should be seamless and transparent to the provider.
  • It is our obligation to bring the technological capabilities and needs of healthcare facilities and the personableness of transcription services together as ONE.