Pricing Methodologies

Puzzled by line rates?

MTSOA understands pricing for transcription service can be confusing. There is more than one way to count a line, even a character. There is language that could be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. Let us start at the beginning and SOLVE this puzzle with our transparent method.

MTSOA will meet all your transcription needs in a cost-effective and quality-driven atmosphere. Our price structure is highly competitive and based on volume and turnaround time. Our rates meet the standard of the U.S. industry, and depending on the volume, sometimes exceeds the same.

MTSOA charges a set rate per line based on your specified turnaround time and volume.

There are never additional fees for setup, interfacing or software.

Your costs will be transparent from the beginning.

For lower volume practices wishing to attain a higher volume rate, we offer an "umbrella program" where those practices can qualify for a reduced rate by introducing other practices to our service.


Standard Medical Transcription

Our line charge for standard medical transcription is calculated per 65 characters with spaces. Fonts, font sizing, spacing choices, minutes of dictation or the number of pages do not matter in determining medical transcription charges. A 65-character line with spaces is calculated as characters plus spaces divided by 65. For example, if a paragraph contains 191 characters including spaces, the line count is calculated by dividing the total number of characters and spaces by 65 (191 divided by 65=2.938 lines).

Electronic Document Transcription Charges

Our line charge for electronic document transcription (virtual scribes) is calculated per 65 keystrokes or clicks. We do not charge by the minute or page as we feel neither of these reflect the true time within the EHR. Ask about our “click philosophy.”

After customizing your solution for transcription needs within your facility, we will answer any questions you have about your per line charges. It is our goal to remain as transparent as possible around this “piece” of the “puzzle.”


MTSOA offers a suite of billing options, client-specific in their design, for our transcription services. Our invoices are conveniently sent out electronically during the first week following the end of each month. Invoices can also be sent regular mail in addition to email at the client’s request.

As with the other solutions offered at MTSOA, we will customize your billing according to the information needed by your staff. Normally, our invoices are itemized by clinic locations and physicians or other dictators with an itemized line count per dictator.

Feel free to ask questions and request additional information. It is our desire for your experience around each component of our solutions to be a positive one.