Medical Language Specialists

Management Team

Quality Assurance Director

MTSOA offers the same personal experience that your providers desire from “in-house” transcriptionists without the overhead. Our Medical Language Specialists (Transcriptionists) are highly trained and must maintain a monthly QA average of 98%.

Rest assured you will find our medical transcription services to be of utmost quality and our entire staff professional and prompt. Each physician is assigned a specific “team” of personnel including, but not limited to, a primary transcriptionist who is responsible for transcription on a day-to-day basis. YES, WE ASSIGN EACH PHYSICIAN THEIR VERY OWN PERSONAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST! We also train a backup transcriptionist who is available to cover for vacations or emergencies so that our providers have no interruption of quality service. An Account Manager is also assigned to each client and facilitates streamlining questions or concerns to other appropriate team members should you have an issue outside their scope of expertise. Our Account Managers are headed by a Senior Account Manger who will assist with communication with your office when necessary, daily or as-needed, to ensure your complete satisfaction with our team. We also have an internal management team consisting of QA personnel, technical support services and other team members to assist you as needed.

MTSOA incorporates and maintains above-industry standard quality assurance. We proudly maintain a 99% accuracy ratio, higher than the recommendations of AHDI (formerly AAMT). Our QA is performed monthly, consisting of randomized document extraction calculated per volume and includes every transcriptionist on our team.