Populate EHR For Meaningful Use

MTSOA, whether utilizing our hybrid approach or interfacing, will assist with compliance of "meaningful use" guidelines without loss of physician productivity or quality standards of patient care.

Many medical facilities are adopting electronic health record (EHR) systems in an effort to comply with the HITECH Act and "meaningful use" guidelines. These systems claim to eliminate the cost of patient documentation by requiring physicians to abandon dictation and use templates to record patient encounters, but do they?

Studies show that it takes a physician an average of 4.5 minutes per patient to document a visit using templates in an EHR system. By contrast, dictation takes only 1.5 minutes per patient. That is a difference of 3 minutes per patient! If a physician sees an average of 20 patients each day, that translates to 60 minutes a day. The result? Doctors will either see fewer patients or work longer hours. Transcription costs may be lower, but so is productivity, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Consider that physicians and their medical personnel are more expensive than transcriptionists. In addition, doesn't high quality patient care mean physicians who focus on their patients instead of their computer screens?

With MTSOA, physicians can continue to dictate while clinics fully utilize an EHR system with a choice of two customized solutions, virtual scribes transcribing directly into your EHR or interfacing to discretely populate your EHR automatically.