Revenue Cycle Management

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Managing the revenue cycle can be a challenge for any healthcare organization. We are uniquely positioned to help improve and maintain your financial performance. Our clients have consistently experienced:

  • Higher collection ratios

  • Improved, steady payment cash flow

  • Better managed accounts receivable



We believe …
You should expect accurate, complete, and consistent coding whether you need to address a backlog, bridge a temporary staffing issue, or outsource coding on a long-term contract basis. We match coders to your operations on a specialty or sub-specialty level so they quickly become familiar with your practice and immediately begin to add value.



· Optimizing revenue while reducing compliance risk

· Increasing cash flow by reducing lag days and improving claims submission

· Reducing administrative burden and expenses

· Having access to expert, certified coders that are specialty-specific

· Using a workflow management system that tracks every record, code and status

· Automating charge entry, eliminating manual processes and errors


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We believe …
You deserve a partner who is committed to track every submission and work every claim through to resolution. Using advanced technology that queues the work, applies edits to catch errors early in the process, and keeps cycle time to a minimum, we provide a process that is proven to provide optimal, prompt reimbursement.



  • Improving collections while accelerating cash flow

  • Reducing administrative costs

  • Achieving cost-effective efficiencies not attainable by in-house billing

  • Addressing compliance with confidence

  • Reconciling all charges received against your service log to ensure all services rendered have been submitted for payment

  • Reviewing and tracking of payments received from payers for accuracy and appropriateness of the payments received




We believe …
You should pay on a contingency fee basis – NO DEBT COLLECTION, NO CHARGE! Our state-of-the-art debt collection and accounts receivable management software and your free remote access provides extensive analysis and reporting and transmission of information. Many long-time clients use these tougher past due accounts initially to compare and contrast us against their current debt collection agency. WE WELCOME THE CHALLENGE!



· Freeing up staff time and resources from contacting slow payers

· Improving and expediting collection rate with consistent and assertive collection

· Maximizing collections process by using experts who often exceed the qualifications
of existing staff members

· Documenting all collection efforts, which is useful if you decide to take a matter to

· Employing new technology and software for comprehensive debt collection on all
accounts placed


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I have been using MTSOA for several years. I have found their service both accurate and timely. They have been very responsive to our needs, always available to address any issue, whether via e-mail, phone or, at times, in person. Can’t ask for a better service.
— M.S.O, MD, Oncology, MI