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Moving data from one electronic health record system to another can be overwhelming. Since medical data is extremely complex and there is no standard on data format, you cannot always count on automated conversion from one system to another. Our strategy is to manually migrate historical patient information to the new electronic health record before the patient’s first visit after go-live.


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It is imperative that the electronic health record data conversion be accurate and complete. The validity of this data affects many things, including reporting, billing, and outcome studies. Our migrators are assigned to specific teams and trained on specific EHRs to maintain data integrity during conversion.



When switching to a new electronic health record, historical patient data should be available in the chart before the provider sees the patient. Successful data migration decreases lost productivity and helps avoid patient safety issues. Together, we develop a strategy that will meet the needs of your practice.



Data migration is crucial to the success of the overall electronic health record implementation. Our professional team of migrators is experienced in many EHRs and understand the importance of accurate conversion. You should be able to rely on the availability of patient data at the patient’s first visit.



100% U.S.-based migrators

Secure HIPAA compliance

Customer care available 24/7/365

Dedicated, highly-skilled migration team

Daily reporting upon request

Customized billing/invoicing

Here’s how we work together

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Call 1-855-96-MTSOA (855) 966-8762.

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Together, we assess your workflow.

We determine the scope of your project and develop a strategy for your electronic health record data conversion project.

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We deliver the clerical work.

We migrate the historical data from the legacy electronic health record to the new system so it is accessible to the provider before the patient's first visit after go-live.

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You deliver patient care.

Since manual migration reduces redundancy and medical errors, you can leave the clerical work to experienced professionals and get back to what is most important - your patients.

Our practice has used MTSOA for several years now, and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are extremely conscientious and thorough.
— R.N.A., MD Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care Medicine, TN